As the nights start drawing in and summertime officially ends this weekend I thought it appropriate to update you all… its been too long!

The summer commenced nicely with a healthy bout of competition, ARP attended the annual and much anticipated JLL Property Triathlon. The course was completed in 1 hour 38 minutes and involved a 750 metre swim, 20 kilometre cycle and 5 kilometre run in the wonderful surroundings of Dorney Take, in Eaton. Usually my training schedule for this is on point, having competed quite a few over my 10 year career but this year not so much (I think non existent would describe my training this year!) To be honest getting the business off the ground and running has been my priority so something had to give…Theres always next year and I am my best competitor so this will be a target to beat! We also had our very own ARP branded supporters who came along to cheer us on (see picture and thanks family x) After the race, It was the perfect opportunity to meet fellow colleagues, and catch up with news over a cold beer in the 30 degrees heat! The good news is most people I spoke to are very busy!

As Autumn is now upon us, I sit here contemplating news, do I write about Brexit and what that this means for the building industry – which hasn’t changed since we voted out – ‘uncertain times ahead’ and ‘UK at all time construction low’ yet on the other hand I read that The Department for International Trade has launched a portfolio of investment opportunities across the UK worth £2Bn so this has to be a plus right? International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP seems to think so, he said: “It has never been easier to find opportunities for global investment in the UK and these seven projects worth £2Bn give investors the opportunity to do just that”. “Never been easier” and yet a couple of weeks ago I read in the Independent that UK construction activity hits six-month low as Brexit drags on confidence….It seems whatever your opinion is, there will be a report to back your vote.

The good news for fellow Surveyors is that our workloads has risen! The results of the Q3 RICS UK Construction and Infrastructure Market Survey show 20% more chartered surveyors reported that their workloads had risen rather than fallen – up from +15% in Q2. There goes our early finishes! On a serious note if our workloads have risen, then enquiries are coming in, surveys are being booked and reports issued must mean our industry is..well.. busy?!

Whatever your vote was- in or out (shake it all about) we are a strong country with a great deal of appeal overseas and from our own investors, we just need to believe it we will come out of this ‘mess’ the other side because we have to!

Now, I must get back to it, no rest for the wicked! Happy Halloween