Technical Due Diligence

Whether you are a private investor, fund manager or a tenant considering a new lease of a property a technical survey will provide you with facts about the building that you are acquiring. We have surveyed a wide range of buildings in many areas and in all cases have either identified defects, problems or shortfall in scheduled service charge provisions that our client was not aware of.  Not only do we survey the building from a structural and fabric perspective but we also review available, and relevant, documents relating to the property and thoroughly cross examine any planned maintenance costs for the building.

Whilst our survey will be similar for most properties our report will be tailored to your specific requirements. This goes back to our core principle in focusing on your commercial or business goal. We are used to working very closely with your investment team when purchasing buildings and fully appreciate the need for solid robust advice yet also understand that the worn roof covering may not be that important when considering the additional storeys that may be possible post acquisition.  We also appreciate the need for a timely and promptly issued report.