Residential Building Surveys

We know that buying your home is a daunting and stressful event. It is most likely to be the most expensive purchase you ever make and with such expense comes a high level of risk.  Buying a property without a survey is really a game of roulette. You may be lucky and purchase a good solid home that you are happy in forever. However, in at least 50% of the properties we survey there are hidden defects that had we not found and reported to our clients would have resulted in huge unexpected costs.

We can tailor our survey to meet your needs and also include any additional services whilst we are carrying out our survey. For example you may be considering a loft conversion soon after obtaining the property. We can advise you of any potential issues that may exist when considering this.

We also know that time is critical in property purchases and will always issue our report within the agreed timescale.

All of our surveys will give you honest, clear and simple advice. We include cost advice for all defects found and will provide you with an executive summary which will state whether we consider there are any issues that should prevent you from proceeding with the purchase.