Dilapidations is a subject that Andrew Pryke has lots of experience in. He has acted as expert witness in this field and successfully settled hundreds of claims on behalf of both Landlords and Tenants over the past 15 years.

Dilapidations should be considered when entering into a commercial lease of any premises. It should be considered by both Landlords and Tenants but is sometimes overlooked at an early stage. It is also a subject that unfortunately can sometimes lead to huge differences of opinion between a Landlord and a Tenant.

We have a huge database of construction costs, comparable projects for evidence together with our in-depth case law knowledge which means we will tackle the instruction from many angles. We pride ourselves on our results and on saving you money.

As a Landlord your focus will be on ensuring that you maintain your assets and therefore maximise the available value. You will not want to be in a position where a breach of covenant by the tenant causes you to suffer a financial loss. In conjunction with this you will want to ensure that at Lease expiry you correctly identify all breaches of covenants. As a tenant you should ensure that you comprehensively understand, accept and financially plan for your dilapidations liability prior to agreeing any property lease. If you have been served a schedule of dilapidations then we can offer you the professional advice that you may need to review the Landlord’s claim and advise you as to whether it is reasonable and if not what our own opinion of your liability is.