Reinstatement Cost Assessments

An up-to-date and accurate assessment of the cost to rebuild a property is required for all building insurance companies. The reinstatement cost is exactly that. It is an assessment of the cost to rebuild a property in the event that it suffers irreversible damage such as a fire or other accident. The reinstatement cost will differ from the build cost that you may already have as it will also have to consider the cost of removing the existing buildings and other damage that may occur depending on the type and location of the building.

Our cost advice is based on our own measurements of the building together with reference to industry standard cost information that we have. By obtaining an up-to-date reinstatement cost assessment you can be reassured that you will not be in a position where the building is under insured and you are faced with a large financial cost to pay. Or you can take comfort knowing that you are not paying an insurance premium for a reinstatement cost that is exaggerated or unnecessary.